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This is Zima. She was the love of my life. She brought happiness into my life every day. She was more like a dog than a cat, she would go on hikes with me on a leash. She greeted me every morning and every time I came home. She played fetch, and hide and seek. Her mother was my parent's cat, when she was born she was all white, so we named her Zima, it means winter in Russian. She was the only kitten that survived and actually was not breathing at first, but we brought her back to life.

She loved being outside and climbing trees, she always came home and slept with us at night. A few days ago though, she didn't come back, we found her on the side of the road killed by a car. It was the saddest day of my life, she was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen, she was so feminine. The way she walked, talked and anything else she did was so poised and articulated. Everyone thought she was the coolest cat they had ever seen.

I miss her dearly, and I always wanted to enter her into competitions. So now I am.



wow, what amazing markings she has. Now she has wings though. RIP Zima!!

Kyle P

She was beautiful, and I know it was heartbreaking. My best buddy Roscow was hit by a car and it was devastating. Since then all of my kitties are strictly indoors only. I won't allow another careless driver or wild animal break my heart again.


So sad to know, must be heartbreaking! And when you said you entered her/him in this competition my markings would be 10/10!


She was a beautiful cat. (Kyle P. Do you ever go to the Baytown Bark Park?)

Jenn Merritt

This looks just like my Lily! Even with the freckle above the lip! We also said she always acts like a dog. She will lay on your lap and follow you around like a dog. I'm sorry for the loss of your kitty.

Asuncion Tan

She was a beautiful cat. I know how it feels to have a pet that seems to be a person and not a cat. My cat, Sari, is 10 years old. However, she is now pregnant and soon to give birth.


I am so sorry for your loss :( She must have had such a wonderful life with you, surrounded with love.

damian stark

Zima is BEAUTIFUL :) thx for sharing

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