Winky the One Eyed Wonder

I received Winky when he was about 2 months old. He had lost an eye and we still aren't sure if it was a birth thing, or if it happened to him as a wee kitten. He is the best mouse catcher in the country and has the cutest little meow ever. He loves to play peek-a-boo and he would bust through walls for a treat. :)



What a handsome guy! He looks like my William.


What a cutie.


God bless him! He must be so brave. Absoloutly adorable!


he is adorable when he sleeps


arent they cute


Brave adorable!


Bless you for adopting this special, adorable, full-of-life, special needs kitty! Who just happens to be adorable!

Christina Coffey

Oh My, what a cute kitty and so happy looking to be in such a loving home. He looks so cute peeking out from the blanket too. I love kittys, have two of my own.

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