White Beard 'The Pirate'

Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats

She is an 11 month old kitten, but appears to still be around 6 months. She is a tuxedo kitten. She's super tiny and loving. She prefers attention over playing. I find her to be... Too cute! She loves to pose for photos. (As you can see in the photos)



Ohh! She is so beautiful, so tender!


OMG what a beautiful baby


So cute and looks so lovable.


it looks like something i would prefer to hug


She looks like a shorthair version of my 6 month kitten!

Aretta Carter

Thank you all so much. =)
(Please pray for her safe return home, for she has been missing for over a month now...)


Oh no,that is so sad.I do hope and pray for her safe return.She is so beautiful.

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