Whit is Living the Good Life

Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats

Whit is a little mischievous kitten. His idea of a good day is wrestling his big brother Kit Kat and chasing his little tail. He is such a good little kitten, he will even play hide and seek with you too!


Dee Wallace

Oh, he looks just like my baby boy who's now 7! So glad that he found a loving home with you.


Boy he put on some wait lol he is adorable....:)

Lindsey Arenson

He looks just like a cat that I met named Scooter. He was just recently adopted. It would be funny if it was him!


i loveeeeeeeeeeeee cats very much


i love those eyes they are beautiful


He is huge now he weighs at least 20 pounds I love him so much and to me he is the cutest kitten still :)

Celine Ratai !

That cat is So cuteeee ! C;

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