Wes Al-Saidi

Brown Cats
Brown Cats
Brown Cats

He thinks he is a dog. When he hears the car pull up he runs to the front door to greet whoever is coming home. He loves to play fetch with pieces of trash, which are his favorite toy. He is a mama's boy and spoiled rotten.



He is simply adorable!


So, so, so, sooooooooooooo cute


So, so, so, sooooooooooooo cute


i looove wierd cats!xxx


He looks like my cat except she's a girl.
Her name is Misty and I've submitted her too.
Please see her pics and comment.
P.S My cat also come to the door to greet people. Though she comes to the door when she hear's the doorbell ring.


Hi there,It's muttsandaklutz from 52 Weeks on Flickr! That cat is gogoreus, and what a character he sounds like. My cats spend their days napping on the sofa and occasionally looking out the window! Anyway, beautiful photos of Vinnie. I just love that spark in his eyes.


I love tHat cat so much I love that cat

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