Update on Enzo the Siamese

Siamese Cats

My little lilac point Siamese Enzo. He loves chasing his own tail and playing with his kitty friends. He is about 6 months old now and he is my little baby boy.



Sooo cute! I have a siamese too, love him whith all my heart.


Very beautiful! My mom use to raise siamese , there the most intelligent cats.


thank you for the lovely comments xxx


If your cats are purebred 1/2 Siamese and 1/2 Burmese then they are actually Toncanese (spelling may be wrong. I always forget), but look up the breed through any of the cat breed sites. I have a Toncanese and he looks like a Siamese. There are differences that
and y


Sorry my phone has not been working right:

Anyway, there are differences that you will read about if you look the breed up. He is the sweetest cat though..

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