Tiger Was a Great Present

Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats

The story of how I got Tiger:
On Christmas Eve day in 2005, me, my sister, my mom, and my dad were walking back up to my grandpa and grandma's. I heard something moving under my feet. I looked down and saw the stray cat my grandma and grandpa feed and looked after. I said goodnight to the cat and went inside.

The next morning I woke up and yelped,"It's CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!"
The first present my sister and I opened was a plastic playhouse outside. When we went to check the playhouse out, grandpa went and grabbed Tiger. Once we finished opening presents my grandpa asked my parents if we would like to take Tiger home to keep. My parents said we could. I yelped with excitment, I had always wanted a cat. Even though Tiger wasn't a kitten he was about 2 or 3 years old.

Now, we have a puppy and Tiger is about 9 years old. I hope you like him!



Aww he is so lovely!! What a great present he was for you to get :)


Tiger is so handsome!!! What a sweetheart....


I also have a kid named Tiger, and he think's he is king of the house! But he is my angel, as are all my other kid's. They are all spoiled , and I would'nt have it any other way.He resembles you're tiger , but mine has one bad eye, he had a bad infection when he was born, and his mom passed away from getting into antifreeze. So I took him in . All my other cat's have been saved from the outside as stray kittens also, they are all wonderful and have they're own personalities, I love them dearly! You're little guy is absolutely a handsome dude! Bless you all! :)


He is very cute tho he looks like a cat we had once that ended up dying in a house fire we had the pic. Makes me miss him even more his name was Tigger.. I notice that u do not mention how many cats r given as kittens and as soon was they turn into adults they r abandoned cause they r not cute little kittens...


He looks sooo sweet! What a gorgeous kitty!


What a handsome fur-dude! What a great story!!!


Soo nice pose its giving


I love cats very much wer ever i see them i just rush b hind them


i have a cat called tiger and it lokes the same

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