Teddy was a Special Cat

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Teddy was our best friend. A very special cat with a personality like no other, very animated and vocal. He ran the house and was so much part of our lives we didn't even realize it until he was gone. Rest in peace Teddy.



So sorry for your loss.....he seemed to be a very content cat.

Gerry Malcolm

Thank-you Staci. He was just the greatest.


Teddy was a very special cat! Him and his antics will be missed greatly! Sorry for your loss, Gerry and Laurie.


Teddy was a sweety.

Gerry Malcolm

Thanks Sheri and Leslie.

Carol Olden

So sorry for your loss. He looks every part of the patriarch of the family sitting there like a human being. I can just imagine him asking for the remote control and flipping the channels to watch Animal Planet. His last photo there looks like, "Yeah, I'm dying and there is not a darn thing you can do about it, and I'm mad about it, too" May another cat come into your life someday, God willing, to fill the void left by this great cat.Rest in peace,Teddy, and have a good life in heaven.

Debbie Williams

So sorry for your loss, Teddy was an adorable kitty and I know how you must miss him! Lots of love Debbie Williams!

Gerry Malcolm

Thanks Carol and Debbie. We miss him so much it's almost surreal, as he was only a "pet". He thought he was one of us and he was right, he was nicer to us than most people we ever ran across in our lives. We even tried to find any relatives of his so we could keep the bloodline but had no luck. Now that is dedication!


i love him

Lloyd Johnson

so soory about your loose I have a cat sitting next to me now as i type I love our cats just like a child cats are so loveable and very smart. we have 6 cats and 1 dog. LLOYD


It is sad when our beloved pets fall ill or age becomes a concern and we are forced to make decisions about their well being that doesn't always have good outcomes. He looked like 'king of the castle' and I am certain he was and he knew it too! You will remember Teddy always - and when you are ready .. make room in your heart for another furry friend needing a good home. Teddy would want that.

Carol Duke


Teddy had a cute stomach, so plump! May he rest in peace, I'm glad he lived a loving life with you.


May cat died six years ago, and i think about him every day. It broke my heart and I still haven't found the strength to get another cat. Teddy and my cat Willow are in heaven now, cuddling with angels and waiting for us.


Teddy looks humble I n his pics. I've always been partial to cats. I had 2 to pass away in 2010. Sweetie-16 yrs-passed ;June 4, 2010. Poppie-15 yrs.-passed-Dec. 29, 2010. No matter how many yrs pass I still miss all my girls & boys. The pain never goes away. CC-is-15 yrs & Precious will be 3. I look forward to the day when I get to see all the babies. I feel ur loss.


i feel so sorry 4 u... my lovly cat bombodill died when she was 2 i sill miss her although it was a year ago. im sure ur cat misses u more thn u do xxx

Gerry Malcolm

Thank-you all for your kind comments, they helped us greatly.

jasmine atkins

i was sad when my old cat badger died...

jasmine atkins

i feel so sorry for you


What a Cool kitty... Hope his doing fine in heaven:)

jasmine atkins

i did a blog about my new cat: badger
(he lost a whisker)

jasmine atkins

i hope you get a orange,chubby cat like teddy and hopefuully that could happen!
i was selling baby rabbits but we arent selling them anymore


so sorry for your loss, no other cat will ever fill the part of your heart that belongs to Teddy, but i do hope when the time is right (and only you know when that will be)you can find space for another furry person to experience the love you so obviously have to give. I lost my dog and three cats all within about 2 years and thought i could never go through so much pain again. I thought if i did not have animals i could not be hurt. I found you can still hurt when you hear of, or see them suffer. I have three boy cats now and cannot imagine how i could live without them. it took me nearly ten years to make the commitment though. God bless you and i hope one day you find the strenght to help some other poor soul xx


I'm sorry to hear about teddy so sad to hear those things he looked like a sweet cat and very friendly and super cute we have barn cats and some have had babies and we have lost a few it is so sad when a cat passes away or runs away i know how it feels to have something special taken away from your life but he is in a better life with the hands of god.


I agree with penny it is sooo hard but you just have to find the strength in the world it might take a long time but you will get through it.

jasmine atkins

i know how you feel.
at only about 2 years old my cat died of a broken leg.
he was a lovely cat and i would do anything to reverse time and get the person that broke his leg.
i bet teddy and blaze are hugging,singing, playing tic tac toe and eating all the chicken the can eat. rest in peace teddy & blaze.

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