Cute Cat: Taz
Cute Cat: Taz
Cute Cat: Taz

We adopted Taz in August 2010. Taz was very dehydrated and living in a shelter in Phoenix, AZ. We took him home and he fell in love with his new family...especially big sister Allie!! :)



He is adorable! He looks a lot like my Walle! I love orange kitties.. They seem to just have awesome personalities!!


what lovely babies x


This cats are so beautiful and cute.I like thos so so much.

aryna atira

this cats are so beautiful and so cute......same like me la..........hahaha....

aryna atira

its'realy kan penny & kiran pawar the kittes same like me!hahaha.............


hello,guys i am puteri from sabah.wow,the kittes so cutes la

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