Cute Tabby Cats - Cat Pictures - Page 2

0 comments | Submitted by Nicki on Jul 7, 2012

Mikey is the coolest cat in the world. He will sit on your shoulder like a parrot, he loves all people, he loves to snuggle, and he actually... Read More »

4 comments | Submitted by Erica Swiger on Jun 21, 2012

Twiggy has lived with us for nearly 7 years now and we love her so much! We found her in 2005 just at 1 and 1/2 months old, hiding under a... Read More »

1 comments | Submitted by Jessie on Jun 19, 2012

Shadrach is a little ball of energy! He loves to play with... well, what ever he finds!! And he has the best "Please?" face, and you can't... Read More »

1 comments | Submitted by Sarah on May 23, 2012

He is a 10 month old grey and white tabby cat, and he loves to play! Anything that he can get his paws on becomes just another toy for him.... Read More »