Sushi Loves to Eat

Gray Cats
Gray Cats

This cat is truly funny, he loves to cuddle! He really sometimes like to lay weird! He loves playing with toys and more toys! He also likes to eat a lot! He loves it outdoors, but only if it is warm out! He also loves playing with his brother Saki, but only if it is too cold out! His favorite subject is eat eat eat eat!



love big fluffy kitties! what a cutie you got!


Nice cat


thank you he is big and fluffy :)


shushi is my sisters kitty hi caity you posted shushi


I TOTALY THINK THAT SUSHI IS ADORABLE. Well I like to eat my self. I also have 2 cats one is a britsh shorthair. Her name is willow. I think she is totally cute.Of corse she is a swisher and she loves taking baths and likes boxes and laying in a funny p.s :3 & ^ oo ^
= o =


your cat sounds adorable too he is big and fluffy and of course adorable:]


and yes i think he is a Nebelung cat!


My little baby sushi isnt he cute hehe

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