Cute Cat: Starbucks
Cute Cat: Starbucks
Cute Cat: Starbucks

Starbucks is a cute little kitty with a big personality! He has a lot of funny facial expressions! He is half Rag-doll and half Himalayan; he won us over with his lovely blue eyes and beautiful pattern. He enjoys playing peek a boo, chasing his own tail and hiding in the Starbucks Coffee gift bag. His favorite pastime is laying on my boyfriend chest while watching the Canucks hockey game.



I want one just like him! What a cutie.


awwww how cute is he!


He is so cute! My kids want one!


jingly jingly billy she is very very cute


he's pretty cute.but how did you named him?because he hides in the starbuck coffee giftbag?


A handsome little boy, just wait till he grows up.... all the neighbourhood girls will come knocking on your door for him!


He's a beauty! I love Ragdoll cats ... I have one (she's on this site ... Layla is her name....she's the darker color Ragdoll). They have such funny personalities. I love his name ... and his markings are gorgeous!


I love his little tail with the black tip!


Do you have any current pics of him? I'll bet he grew up to be a real beauty. Ragdolls are such beautiful cats. Mine is a snow-footed Ragdoll, all four paws. She's gorgeous ... and she knows it. She has quite the attitude. ha!


Very cute cat i loved this cats so cute.

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