Cute Cat: Spooky
Cute Cat: Spooky

I adopted this beautiful Seal Pt Siamese mix from the Humane Society 6 months ago. She was so named because she is easily scared by loud noises and sudden movement. She has been an awesome addition to our family and we love her dearly.



what a cutie! spooky is a very beautiful cat! I bet you love him a lot.


her color is so cute, that's my first time i c a cat with that color!!!!!NICE


wow what a gorgeous kitty!


MARVELOUS KITTY!!! I hope you win the contest good luck


I love you, Spooky. Meow Meow.

connie ober

a cute and spooky kitty. never saw a cat like yours. thought my cat was spooky. hope you win!!!!!!!

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