Sookie is Sweet Natured


I came across Sookie When my cousins cat had a litter, she was so cute when I saw a picture on facebook and I knew immediately she was the cat for me. I already have a cat of the the same colour and I knew that they would get on as they are both sweet natured.
Sookie likes nothing more than to nozzle near my neck and fall asleep in my long hair, which is cute but her claws hurt when she is trying to make herself comfortable.



This precious cat looks just like my "Bo". He appeared, by himself, under front deck. He was a few weeks old, healthy, but I just couldn't take on another cat. So I took him to next road, rural area, plenty of houses, little traffic, and put him out. Two days later, he had scampered across 5 acres of open field to my back deck! That meant he wanted to be there! As it turned out, my sweet Beckyboo was about to have her leg broken by carless vet staffer. She couldn't take the pain after surgery on leg, so we had to put her down. That was nearly a year ago...broke our hearts. So I feel Bo was a gift from above to keep me company!


i agree that it is cute


Its sooo cute! :D

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