Socks & Boots

Cute Cat: Socks & Boots
Cute Cat: Socks & Boots
Cute Cat: Socks & Boots

We adopted Socks & Boots as little babies from the animal hospital and they have kept us well entertained since then. They are both so beautiful with their long hair and cute personalities. They're so loving and affectionate. Socks (the black one) sleeps on my feet every night while Boots (white/gray) sleeps at the bedroom door on-guard. They look up to their older Cat roomie, Kitty, an 11 yr old Tortie who's still as feisty as ever.



aww....they are just all sorts of fuzzy cuteness!


i want them! xxx ;D


They are sooo cute and love the names!!!!:)

alphonsus bella

i want them to...can u plez send them as my pet....huhuhu

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