Snowball the Siamese

Siamese Cats
Siamese Cats

He was born from a stray cat that I took in during a very bad snow storm. He is very lovable. He rubs and snuggles up against my dog. He loves to play chase the kitty. He is a Chocolate Point Siamese. When you scratch under his neck, he does a dance with his head like Ray Charles. My roommate has a female kitten and Snowball plays the role of being a daddy to her. He cleans her, plays with her, and when I give Snowball chicken, he doesn’t eat it; he takes it to the kitten to eat.


Swe Swe

Soooooooo Cuteeeeeee.


I also have a siamese cat ... the siameses are very smart and like to play wiht everything ... enjoy your baby, he is very cute


So much info in so few words. Tostloy could learn a lot.


Me love meow meow.

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