Smudgy is Quite the Helper

Tabby Cats

Smudgy is the cutest helper when I make the bed in the morning, she likes to hide under the covers and pop out to play. That's after she spends the night on it...snoring loudly! She just makes us laugh, even when we've had a tough day. My husband and I are so happy this little stray tabby wandered into our yard and adopted us last year!



our best stray cat named tomy just adpted us one day every timehe would see me out side a block away he would come runin over to our yard- he is so smart & very loveable


She is so pretty!


She's so adorable! You should upload more pictures :)


I have a male cat named Smush, i found the similarity in their names amusing. Also, i have a photo of him doing the exact same thing :)


omg .....she is adorable ..
you are so lucky..
how i wish i could adopt a cat :(

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