Cute Cat: Smartie

She is a beautiful tortoise shell who is very cuddly and loves attention. She is very friendly and gets on well with everyone. She is also very playful.



Wow! How Sweet..Soft and Doftness..


Nice cat I have two cats one is a scaredy cat he's really cute and first he was small now hes pretty
Big and his lil sis who thinks she the "alpha cat"and she's also cute the person that I got them from
They were found because they were strays so the person took them to their house and I pretty much have been there owner for a year There both 1 year olds and they're both nice really nice


that cat momaphise me.


gosh she is gorgeous... Love her...


Gorgeous Cat! Smartie is a Calico, not a Tortoishell. Calico cats have white fur in addition to the gray and brown, Torties do not have white fur. She is adorable!

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