Sir Reginald Orangie

Orange Cats
Orange Cats
Orange Cats
Orange Cats
Orange Cats

Orangie found us one summer when he was a kitten. He would come over to frolic in our yard and chase the evening bugs, but we assumed he was someone else's. Then when the winter came, the snow started to accumulate and Orangie was outside in the cold, no shelter, completely exposed to the elements. We heard pitter-patters on the roof... then when we looked up through the skylight, there were two big green eyes staring in! So my brother and I got up on the roof, rescued him, brought him inside to warm up and eat, and he's been ours ever since. Now he's the king of this castle. He loves feathers, belly rubs, and packing peanuts!



Orange and yellow tabbies are my faves !


Thank you for taking him he. He looks like a character.


I love orange cats and Reginald is one of the best.


a very lucky cat.thank God for people like you.

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