Sir Alfred the Great

Himalayan Cats
Himalayan Cats
Himalayan Cats

Sir Alfred was dropped off at the shelter during a snow storm. We found each other 10 days later. he shelter had named him Steve, but he would not answer to that name. As we were on our way home I started to say a bunch of names. The only time Sir Alfred meowed on the hour drive home was when I said the name Sir Alfred the Great. Sir Alfred loves to sit in the sun and loves to be up high. He does know how to open the drawers to his cat food to let me know he's hungry. Sir Alfred rules the house. Even our two Pit Bulls are afraid of him. Sir Alfred will let you know when he wants to be petted by sitting on your lap and putting his paws in your mouth.


super sales

such a beautiful story. and he looks like my cat!!!!!

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