Sassy Aka Sassafras

Himalayan Cats
Himalayan Cats

This little girl is a seal tortie point Himalayan. She is every bit of a spoiled brat as they come. She sleeps snugly between my husband and I every night. When she comes nose to nose with any of my other cats, she always raises a warning paw to back off and get out of her way. If one of my other cats even tries to get close to me, she is always pushing her way between myself and my other babies just to get her spot. I am absolutely enamored of this little lady, my Sassafras.


heather wainscoyy

very very cute! Love the expressions, reminds me of garfield!

Lindsey Arenson

her eyes are beautiful. i wish that she was mine! but my cat died on oct. 4th, a year ago.:(


love the cat where did u ever find her


looks like a hand full.looks like it's saying don't mess with me.

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