Sandy the Siberian

Sandy is so smart, brave, cute and pretty. She is one and half years old. She is Siberian and has mixed color of fur. She has a little bit orange, brown, black, gray and white on his body.


Debbie Williams

She's BEAUTIFUL!!! Love her pretty eyes!!


Sandy is a cutie pie. She is so cute & expressive!


She's adorable!

Ashlee Shearer-Thomas

what a lil roonka

lani trend

ive never seen a kitty quite so small
i bet she wishes was tall
she drinks milk daily
she says hey hailey(when its hailing)
shes just a lil roonka just a baby roonk
and she likes to dance to foonk ( music)

anyway peace out yall kitty lovers unite

lani trend

cute kitty how adorable!!!!! LOVE that kitty shes so tiny

Ashlee Shearer-Thomas

(clap your paws now) Ohhhhh yeah.

Ashlee Shearer-Thomas

meow meow meow, dats da sound kitties make.

I have yet ANOTHER roonktastic song for dis beebee

I am just a kitten, hardly fit my mitten, much too small I figure one day I'll be bigger (one day I'll be bigger)

lani trend

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow i am just a lil kitten hardly fit my mittens much to small i figure one day ill b bigger one day ill chill with da kittens down town and chill with the kittys up town ill swing my lil tail around and do some pushups on da ground yeah i hope u like my song yall its pree cool from the roonkalicios cat in da world im as pretty as a pearly i might take a lil lookie at the kittty food peace out dude from cookie

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