Roscoe and Dennis

Cute Cat: Roscoe and Dennis

I was given Roscoe as a gift for my 23rd birthday this past April, (adopted from the local SPCA), after my cat, Candy Cane had recently passed away. I was devastated, but Roscoe was like a little guardian angel who really brought a lot of life and energy back into the house! A month and a half after we got Roscoe, Dennis was the only kitten left of Roscoe's litter, as cat flu ran rampant through the shelter.. He was still quite sick but he melted our hearts and we brought Roscoe's brother home a few days later, and they have been inseparable ever since! (Dennis has his arm around Roscoe!)


Shelley and Seldon

These cats are absolutely adorable!!!!!! It must be true that family members should be close whether they are people or cats.


They are soooo cute. I am so glad that we rescued these little boys from the SPCA. I can't imagine our home without them now :)


Aw how cute :) miss you little guys!


that cat has a long arm...but they are sooooooooooo cute


That is so cute!!!!! :D




so cuteeeeeeeee

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