Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Persian Cats
Persian Cats

Baby Rolls took his first flight from the D.C. area to Florida right before Easter. He had enough frequent flyer miles to fly coach with his new Mommy. The flight attendant let him have his own seat while airborne. He's a chinchilla silver Persian aka "the Fancy Feast cat". Rolls Royce is the purrfect name as he purrs just like a car while speeding through the house. He's mastered his agility course in 2 days and then shows us he's on top of the world while perching like a bald Eagle atop the sisal post. He still misses his Mommy at bed time so he has his fake Persian "Jada" to sleep with. He's our bundle of "ROY" Rolls Royce.



Awh,he's soo cute!


Rolls Royce wins ALL the contest categories: smartest, highest-flying, best-ever landing place, Mr. Personality, coolest mommy, cutest boy, and of course, most adorable kitten EVER! Love him!!!!


I agree with Willa---absolutely the cutest, sweetest and MOST TALENTED kittie!!! Who can resist that face!!!


Aww, he's such a sweetie and soooo cute!


Ive met him in person and he is the most lovable and playful kitten ever. Very sweet personality and adorable too.


I love your cat!!! How cute and so so so pretty!!!


ok i'm jelous but if i bring one more cat home? i may be homeless, becuase my wife would throw me out.. =^..^=

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