Cute Cat: Putit
Cute Cat: Putit
Cute Cat: Putit

I found Putit (pronounced as Poo-Teet, meaning 'founded') at my workplace in Sarawak, Malaysia. He was pretty much a kitten that time. It's mother was hit by a car, and couldn't be saved. So I brought her back to my home, adopting him. He was easily socialized with my other cats. Now I've lost him (ran away) because he was being bullied by other stray cats that are recently coming to my house. I think he was scared. I was so sad, until now. He was the most playful cat that I've ever had. He was in our family for almost a year now...

I miss him so much. I hope that someday he will back home. Putit, please come home



Awwww......soo sad.I would be crying forever!One day I hope you find him some day.He is adorable!!


Oh you poor things, both of you. I only hope that he has been able to find a new home where he can be loved and cared for as you so obviously did.


Touching and sad story I literally started crying.

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