Purring Barley

Cute Cat: Purring Barley

Barley is now 10 years old but has gone through a lot in this short space of time. He is a lovely ginger and white cat, however on Boxing Day when he was just 4 years old he suffered a mini stroke. This worried us all but fortunately Barley pulled through and hasn't suffered one since, although he has been through usual cat crisis, including fights with Alfie his evil neighbor. Barley is very friendly and has the loudest purr I have ever known.



Adorable cat.


He is adorable!! I hope he has a nice home and a wonderful family :) Please stay healthy barley!


he is adorable!! i hope he has a nice home and a wonderful family :) please stay healthy barley!


he looks younger than 10 years old. but that doesn't mean he isn't cute cause he's adorable.

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