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Pumpkin came to us less than a year before my husband passed away. My husband was putting gas in his truck on Christmas Eve in a snow storm and Pumpkin came out of the gas station and went up to my husband. He followed him into the gas station. He was brought home by my husband and no one ever claimed him. He is the most friendly and loving cat and loves to cuddle and sleep on the bed. He is so curious and loves to climb in boxes and play with tissue paper. He also loves yogurt, I give him only a couple of teaspoons and he loves canned pumpkin!!. He is now 10 years old and I just love him!!!



he is a cute healthy cat...

Debbie Williams

I love his huge eyes!!


Aww... beautiful!

lloyd sunny

nice pic


wow hes a cutie!Bless your husbands soul for bringing him home to you! May he forever remind you of the love you shared,because cats are the most loving creatures you will ever share your home with.


Pumpkin is adorable! Strays are ALWAYS the best animals when they finally find someone to love them, and he is obviously well loved!!!!



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