Prettyboy and Velcro

Cute Cat: Prettyboy and Velcro

This is Prettyboy on the left and Velcro on the right. Prettyboy was rescued from the local animal shelter as a kitten and after 5 years with us he weighs 20 pounds. He is on a special diet because he has crystals and can't eat regular cat food. Velcro was found abandoned at an apartment complex. Later, we found out she has seizures but we love her just the same. She hasn't had a seizure in about 9 months(knock on wood). Both of them are healthy, as you can see, and both love their treats.



Bless you for saving these wonderful kitties. I want to hug them both!


So glad you gave both these guys a good home!




this is animal abuse, ur poor kitties are obese

Jade Elizabeth French

OMG they look like they are in love.

sibylle hastings

@yoola your problay OBESE, keep your comments to yourself if your going to be negative. I know these cats and the owner and trust me they are not overfed!


They are not overfed ! They are loved. Onlike some others out there.


awww there not obese! there adorable


They are 2 of the cutest cats i've seen

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