Peanut the American Shorthair

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Exotic Cats
Exotic Cats

Peanut is just like a dog. He catches the stick and brings it back. He Listens and understands me. And he wants to play 24/7. This is the first cat I’ve bought! And I would never give him away!


Debbie Williams

Peanut is just adorable!!! Love his big eyes!!

Carol E. Olden

Peanut looks very adorable there. I have seen cats who have been trained by their owners to not only fetch, but to sit up and roll over , too, so they are very intelligent creatures. I am sure you will enjoy him as a lifetime companion and helper to you.


Peanut is sooo sweet & adorable!


he is a beautiful cat he reminds me of my cat furball antonio jenckins thats my babe

Hen Nie ZUe

peanut.......... so cute....


he is so cute....just like my "gino" he is also an american shorthair:)


omg adorable!

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