Tabby Cats

Nikita came to us by literally walking in the door and making her self at home. We were having some work done in our house and the workers had the door open. It took me about 2 days to realize I had an extra cat in the mixed feline heard of 5. She is a beauty and has a quirky attitude. The only problem I had was getting The Woobie (another fur kid) to accept her. The Woobie is another story who I plan to add to this cute cat site. She is a beauty and has a quirky attitude.



very cute.


I agree very cute. I wish a cat would walk in my door!


So cute! Happy you made extra room for another cat!


i love cats i want a cat to scratch at my door saying help... as kitty talking.. :)


i love cats and kittens so much god i wish my cat gives birth

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