Mr. Spikers the Norwegian Forest Cat

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Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats

Spike is the most laid back, cool-kid cat. He loves to wrestle with his Border Collie friend, Buddy, and sleeping next to his mommy. Spike spends most of his time relaxing, posing for pictures, talking back to anyone that converses with him and being adorable at every glance. He loves the snow and pulling down curtains. He was found under a car about 6 years ago and was just a fuzzy kitten. Now, he's a much bigger, fluffier, lovely baby. :)



Mr.spikers.....what a great name for a great cat!


What a great feline!


My baby girl Sweetie looked exactly like Mr Spikers. Sweetie's heart gave out & she passed on june 1, 2010.

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