Mountain the Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cats
Maine Coon Cats
Maine Coon Cats
Maine Coon Cats

I received mountain from a good friend. She found mountain roaming under her deck in a rainstorm and needless to say, Mountain was terrified yet very appreciative to come into human hands. I believe that Mountain is a Maine Coon and is light brown with a beige underbelly. She also has splashes of orange on her face and the MOST gorgeous wiskers! Mountain is around 4 months old and we adore everything she does. She will be a spoiled little friend of ours!



She is simply adorable!!! I am so glad you gave her a good home :)

Carol E. Olden

Thank you for sending the picture today. She is a cute little cat and will be a good house cat for you. She looks so scared in the second picture and content in the others.

Swe Swe

So cute and adorable.


I love kitties with fuzzy ears! She's a cutie!


she is like my cat jerry i miss jerry he died so sad :(


Love how she's looking at the candle...trying to figure it out. ;)


WHERE did you take these at?? We had one in our backyard not too long ago, so these imgeas give me chills! Such amazing,beautiful but DANGEROUS animals would love to read more about these imgeas!

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