Mittens and Boo Boo

Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats

Mittens is my 1 year old female Tabby. She is the most lovable and affectionate cat around. I would like to think of her as my partner in crime. I found this little gal in a box on a farm. Someone had dropped her off, and I was the lucky one to have found her. Mittens and I are like peas and carrots. Everywhere I go she follows right behind. Whenever I go to sleep she is right there snuggled up beside me. She knows when I'm sad and always knows how to make me feel better. She loves to do yoga stretches, so I try to take pictures of her when she's in awkward positions. Those are the best ones. I am so glad to have her in my life, she is my fur baby.

Boo Boo is my 6 year old black and white male. I found him as a kitten on my front step. He has a heart of gold and is quite affectionate, even with strangers. Boo Boo meows more than any cat I have ever seen before. I think its his way of saying he's happy. He is very adventurous and brings me a gift every night, which is usually a mouse or bird. He loves to cuddle and snores like an old man. I think he is around to make me laugh. I am so glad to have him in my life.


Joshua white

I have a cat just like mittens, follows me everywhere, sleeping
when I do my homework or when I take a nap
Always waiting for me to come home, and always there at the porch for me to go outside on weekends, she races me every day when I come home and loves on everything and everyone

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