Cute Cat: Misty
Cute Cat: Misty

We brought her from the pet shelter in Mississauga when she was 5 months. Now she is 7 months. She had a wound on her neck because she was a stray cat, but now it's healed. She loves attention and she purrs everyday. Misty is a spayed female. She has green eyes and she is a tabby. Though she looks like a tiger with black and gray strips. She has 2 favorite toys. A mouse with feathers on it and a pink bouncy ball, though we cant find her bouncy ball. Right now I'm teaching her how to jump through a hula hoop. She's got the hang of it now, but if I raise the hoop 1cm high, she'll go under the hoop. But that doesn't affect my family and I's love for her. Nothing will:)



SO cute.


She is so cute.I wish i could see her in person! wait....already did:)

ben levitt

lolz! she looks just like my cat bandit!

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