Misty the Birman

Birman Cats
Birman Cats

Misty is extremely affectionate. She greets me when I come home from work and every morning wakes me up with her purring. She is ten years old and still loves to run around a play. We have this game that we play together were she chases me around and tries to catch my legs and I try to catch her tail. She is the most adorable cat in the world.


Heidi Lynae

Awwe, how beautiful! She looks like a kitten, how old is she? What cat breed is this?


She is so cute and fluffy and those are the bluest eyes I've ever seen!


oh, she is absolutely stunning ! i hope you have many, many more happy years together x


Kitty is adorable I have one like het but short hair her name is Lily


Beautiful eyes!


Awww. She's adorable! What type of Birman is Misty? A seal point? A blue point? I'm thinking of getting a Birman. What type do you think I should get?


Misty is gorgeous! The last pic shows her soulful eyes.


What a beautiful cat!


so cute


the second picture brings out the cute kitty face and blue eyes. I love Misty she is sooooo cute I love her!


misty is so cute and lovely

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