Miss Priss is a Great Addition

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She is the most adorable kitten you have ever had on your contest! I live in a neighborhood where there are lots of cats. The neighbors have cats and there are also a couple strays, as in any neighborhood. One of these strays started coming up to our door and "meowing". I could not resist and I started to feed her. I noticed something about this cat. She was pregnant. Now I really knew that I had to keep feeding her. I knew she was a stray so I cleaned her up a bit and let her have the kittens in our garage. I absolutely fell in love with one of her babies, now known as Miss Priss. She is so beautiful. She is playful and funny. She loves her pink feather toy, which we play with for most of the day. I did find a good home for each of the babies and the mother. Now I have just Miss Priss and we love having her as our newest addition to our family!





She is so so so so so cute


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