Miss Kitty

Cute Cat: Miss Kitty
Cute Cat: Miss Kitty

She was adopted from a litter in Snead's Ferry, NC.

From the moments I laid eyes on her, I knew she was a character.

Her face was cinched from being a curious kitty,

apparently she put her face in the oven. I know it sounds morbid, but she

looked so mischievous.

When I first brought her home, I worried she would not get along with my

other pet Deysi, a 4 year old Rotti.

From the instant she stepped foot in our home, she has been the queen, and

rules over the rest of the house pets and anyone that visits.

Miss kitty is hilarious!



I hate to say it, but that cat is hideous!!! I am not a judge or anything, but my advice is to sell her to the pet shop. I have to say, though, that her scrunched up neck is so cute!!! I think that she needs a crown and a golden stick to be the queen she really is.


I am so sorry that nobody is posting any comments on the queen of the backyard!!!! Come on, people show some respect.


Long live the Queen! She's a beauty. :)


Thank you for commenting on this wonderous yet stunning cat. She deserves some loving, right? She can't just sit there like a frozen screen. Am I right?


Come, on peoples!!!


Not to be mean or any thing, but people are not commenting on this WONDROUS cat.


this cat is beatiful and adorable. i love her!!!! long live the queen

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