Midori Oma the Tabby

Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats

She is the cutest and most playful kitten there is. Her name Midori, which means green in Japanese, named after her green eyes. She is tabby with a tan spot on her head and random tan spots on her. I have never seen a cat like her.



She is just darlin! She looks mischievous! Such a sweetheart!


She is very cute. My Sweetie Pea looks just like her and has the green eyes!


Awww... She SO cute. She looks like she has a sweet personality. God bless her!!!


She is so beautiful, some cute


I want her! She's too cute to be real, and my physically-challenged little Persian would love her. Kidding aside, you have a little doll!


The first picture of her looks like a tortoiseshell. The 2nd picture of her looks more like a tabby. Both pictures look like there are different cats in them. They don't look as if both pictures are of Midori.

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