Midnight Was A Scaredy Cat

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Black Cats
Black Cats

I came across this beautiful cat about a year ago in the ravine behind my apartment building. I started going out to look for the cat, but couldn't find her. She was very scared and timid. After not seeing the cat for months I spotted her from my window on the 9th floor, so I ran down with food and she ran right to me "meowing" very loudly. I suppose because she was so hungry my presence didn't matter and she let me pet her for a while. She ate can after can of food. My mother brought down our cat cage, but she was so terrified that she fought her way out of the cage after many attempts. I continued to feed her everyday and spent time with her outside. One day I was downstairs with my uncle. He picked her right up and put her in the cage (I guess I needed a mans strength :p) Since then she lives with my Grandma and her other cat Simba. Midnight is very happy and healthy now and her and Simba are best friends.



I love this story of how Midnight came to be in your life. What a beautiful kitty!


Ditto Lisa's comment! She looks precious :)

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