Cute Cat: Merlin
Cute Cat: Merlin
Cute Cat: Merlin

Merlin has a little bit of a dog complex. I think he thinks he is one. He greets me at the door and he meows for his treats. But he is a love bug. He loves the weekends when I can spend all day with him.



OMG!! I loooove his PJ's!! Does he really like wearing them? Hes Bailey looks like him!!!


2 cute for me!!!!!


OMG he is just like my cat serfinas kitten hannah


Is he a Bengal? he has the markings of one like my cat who is a Bengal


A 7 week old kitten is way to young to have left mom! What irnssporeible person sold her to you? And that is not a normal weight she should weigh at least a pound and a half or more. She also should be eating a high-quality canned diet no dry food! Shame on the "breeder" who sold you an underweight, too-young kitten. Get her to the vet quickly to have her examined, as she doesn't sound like she's thriving. Sorry to sound harsh I'm not faulting you, but the irnssporeible person you got her from.


SO CUTE!!!!!!

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