Maxwell the Rag Doll

Ragdoll Cats

Maxwell or (Max) is an innocent year old rag doll cat. He loves to get in front of the camera and strut his stuff. He is very relaxed and trusting. He loves to play with yarn, balls, trucks and dress up. Maxwell's favorite foods are cheese, tuna, ice cream, and any kind of cat nip. He loves to go outside and take walks. He will sit by the door and meow when he wants to. Max loves to watch cartoons. He's favorite is Tom and Jerry. Maxwell is simply the love of my life.


Staci his shirt!


Aw so cute!


So beautiful!


ADORABLE! you are a very very very talented photographer :)


he's so handsome!


I love this cat! He is adorable.


Does Maxwell like to go outside? Do you let him roam the neighborhood at night?


Do you make his dress up clothes yourself?

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