Maxi the Stray


Max was a local stray who was fed by a couple of my neighbors. When I found out she was a stray, I invited her into my house for a meal of tuna. Next day, she was at my door for another feast, and hasn't left since. She is a very sweet natured cat, and never scratches or bites anyone. She loves company and has won over all my housemates, even a guy who didn't' previously like cats.



such a nice looking cat some humans just do not care- in the small city where we lives has a lot of stray cats all over town but no one does anything about it-- lloyd

Laura Corley

God bless the people who have a heart to care for our, fuzzy friends, all thay have is us. I have worked with cats most of my life, and have seen horrific problems with people who beat animals, and dumo in area whre wild animals or cars will kill them, I volunteer for a free spay and neuter mobile, and carry for in mycar for all animals, they give so much, we can give more.


We have a lot of cats in my area, but also a lot of cat lovers too. I rehoused another local stray as well as maxi, and am pleased to say that he loves his new home and gives so much pleasure to his owner. Inspite of being treated badly, these strays are some of the loveliest and sweetest natured cats I have come across.


That cat is the most precious cat i ever seen !!!!!!!!!!


im in love with ur cat..sooo cute..i have three and i love and care for them soo deeply..thumbs up to all people who take care of blessed


Thanks guys... thats what I thought... how could someone abandon such a little cutie :)

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