Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats

A rescue cat of course. He came into my life when he was 7 months old and now he runs the house. He thinks he's so smart. He sits and gives his paw for treat. He loves to hunt in the garage, especially crickets and spiders. He's one in a million.


Debbie Williams

He's beautiful!!! I love black and white kitty cats!!!


IT looks like you have a whole pack of bug hunters there. You are quite fortunate to be blessed with such good cats!


adorable i am allergic to cats so i cannot get one but if i could then i would get one of those black and white ones


Who are his chums ? they look adorable. My Pookie is black and white and is a darling - he shares the house with two ginger toms and they all get on fantastically,, although the two younger ones bully him!. Pookie is so laid back he just gives in. He weighs almost twice what they do, but even when they were tiny kittens (at nine weeks)they ruled the roost, they came straight in and pushed him aside to eat his food.He was about a year old then.


He is a very beautiful cat


What a beautiful cat.
One of our cats "Oliver" is black and white and he is a total ham.
Great pictures.

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