Cute Maine Coon Cats - Cat Pictures

7 comments | Submitted by Madeline Harris on Dec 17, 2012

In July of 2001, we adopted Sooner from a friend whose cat was having a litter. We knew right off the bat he was the perfect cat for us... Read More »

3 comments | Submitted by Holly on Jul 21, 2012

Buster was born in the winter and died but a lady found him and brought him back to life. He was saved. We found him in the newspaper and... Read More »

1 comments | Submitted by Darian on Feb 15, 2012

My cat's name is Eliza. She is a loveable, playful cat who loves to chase bells, climb trees, and to hide behind anything she can. Eliza gets... Read More »

13 comments | Submitted by Selina on Jan 27, 2012

Ollie is just 10 weeks old, so he is the baby of the family! He loves his big sister Maisey so much! He is so cute and absolutely loves lots... Read More »