Little Dude

Cute Cat: Little Dude
Cute Cat: Little Dude
Cute Cat: Little Dude

My Little Dude is a tender hearted kitty. I rescued him from an abandoned house. He wasn't completely weaned yet, but his mother was nowhere to be found. He has a brother (Mikey, light yellow kitten in the middle) and a sister (Callie, the Calico kitten on the right). Little Dude is a lazy kitten but so sweet. He loves to cuddle and gets along with other cats no matter what gender. He loves to pose for the camera and loves when he gets attention. Little Dude is a well-minded cat!


Brooke Belanger

Awww little dude is so cute i wish i had a cat like that
My cats are really cute but they dont like to cuddle
Their names are Jack and Meows
I wish i had a cuddly cat like little dude



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