Layla the Ragdoll

Cute Cat: Layla the Ragdoll
Cute Cat: Layla the Ragdoll
Cute Cat: Layla the Ragdoll
Cute Cat: Layla the Ragdoll

Layla is a snow-footed Ragdoll, meaning she has all four white paws. She is the funniest cat I've ever encountered ... she's spunky and feisty, yet very loving and affectionate. She's nosy and checks out EVERYthing that goes on in this house ... she doesn't miss a single trick around here. We laugh at her all the time. She was given to me when she was four months old; she's now 4-1/2 years old, and still acts like a kitten most of the time.



Oh, what a beautyful lady, She is simply adorable


Thank you, Penny ...she is a stinker. Not much of a "lap cat", but she cannot stand to be out of our sight. She is ALWAYS there, following me from room to room. That's a Ragdoll trait, I'm told.


Wow! So adorable! She sounds very precious!


Thank you, Sarah. She is precious, indeed. We get a lot of joy from her.


Wow what a gorgeous cat....


She's such a beautiful cat, absolutely sold on rag dolls because of her!


Me love you, Layla. Me want to snuggle you. Meow Meow.

Debbie Williams

What a beautiful kitty cat!!! Love her blue eyes!!!



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