Katarina AKA "Kat"

Exotic Cats
Exotic Cats
Exotic Cats

Katrina is a Bob Tail Tabby and was adopted from "Save a Pet" in Desert Hot Springs California. At 3 weeks old, Katrina was found in a paper bag along with her brothers and sisters on the Save a Pet door steps. Katrina loves people and her big sister that is a Dalmatian. She loves spinach and lettuce too!



Kat, and her big sister, bring a smile to my face!

Debbie Williams

AWW I love her glowing eyes!!!

Donna Ybarra

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed Kats pictures

Donna Ybarra

I have another picture of her glowing eyes, She looks like an alien!


OH MY GOD!!! Katrina is so adorableee for a save a pet. I think what you are doing is so incredible! HI KATRINA!!!! :) :) :):)(: :) :-) 8) yaaaay

Donna Ybarra

Thank you, Katarina is now retrieving her toys, including a tennis ball!! She is also really good at stealing jewelry out of drawers (she opens)and wallets if left in her reach (which is anywhere).I am still looking for my flashlight I believe she has swiped.


i love all of these cats i have one that we found on the street that beats all of these cats in cuteness


i jus like cats....especilally little kitties


They are so dang cute but i have cutter cats ohhhhh!!!! ;P

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