Cute Cat: Karlee

Karlee is an unique cat. She isn't independent. Karlee refuses to eat if no human is in the room. She performs shows at random times throughout the day. Karlee also has a special way of greeting guests. Once, my friend was coming to my house for the first time. She hated cats, but I assured her that she would like Karlee. Well, the moment my friend saw Karlee, she said, "Awwww! Your cat's so cute!" Karlee continued to pose for my friend and act really cute. Karlee is the best(and cutest) cat I've ever met.



She is super adorable and love her pose on her back!


how adorable! my one cat lays the same way and is super duper cute, too!

Jade Elizabeth French

HOW ADORABLLE!My kitten likes to lie down the same way.

Esther douglas

Simply adorable


Awwww, look at da pretty kitty.


omg cutest kitty ever!! x

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