Kachi Come Home

Orange Cats
Orange Cats

Wow, it’s going to be a long story to tell about my lovely boy Kachi. It started with his mother (a wild cat, I named her Ibu) suddenly started staying at my house for no reason. Ibu and me finally had this connection, so I kept her. She had given several births at my house, but Kachi's birth was the special one. At Kachi's birthday, Ibu waited for me around the neighborhood and as I walked home after work, she just kept 'meowing' out loud asking me to get home fast! (This is so weird and different among her other births I’ve known)
As we reached home, she directly walked and pointed to one of the cupboards at home. She seemed to be telling me "I want to give birth there!!!!" Then, there was Kachi with the other cute kitties. Shortly, Kachi and I got closer to each other. We slept together, I played with him before and after work, he stayed with me when I write in my diary every night...until, he just disappeared one day and he hasn't been home even to this day :-( I MISS HIM A LOT. Often dream that i meet him and be able to hug and play with him again. I could say there's much drama going on between us (and it made me too afraid to lose him). I know it's not his first time missing like this. But, this time he's been missing too long. I don't know if I should keep the hope or not to meet him again!
So, please allow me then to submit one of his photos. He looks so cute here. His eyes are just so adorable...hope you guys love him, too. And, Kachi...LOVE U SO!!!!



He is beautiful! Never give up hope. Keep checking the animal shelters, and your local law enforcement, I lost a puppy one time and the police found him.


I have a little kitten named April and she looks a lot like kachi.


Aww.....i truly hope you find him.....he is too precious!


thank you so much guys for the support....seems i can't handle the tears coming out now but YES, he is too precious and NO, i won't give up hoping and searching for him!!!

*love u Kachi...so happy your photo is published here and people love it :)


Kachi come home baby... i'm so sad to see my bestfriend always crying when she saw your pict.. please come home.. don't be such as my Macca1.. cole.. sabar yaa.. ^_^


Omg, he is so beautiful ! I really hope he will come back home to you ! I have cats of my own and I just love them to death !!


always smile everytime i see the second picture where he did the monkey-cat action :-D
he made my days so alive!!! thanks, guys ^^


In awe of that asnewr! Really cool!

Tensang Bhutia

dont worry dear....he will come back,they always do.....


awwwww! Hope he comes back!


i wish he would come back i hope no pound is around there oh baby kachi is so cute and precious charming huggable cute furry just as my kitten who died from a car :'( :'(

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