Kabuki Loves to Give Kisses

Gray Cats
Gray Cats

Kabuki, or Buki for short, is an indoor house cat brought home from the ASPCA. Not of any pure breed, we found that he most resembles the Bengal. He is the epitome of the perfect cat. He is playful and athletic, but still very friendly and loving. When you're lying in bed, he can't help but come and cuddle with you. His curiosity of smells leaves him giving you little kisses all over your face and won't be satisfied till you give him a kiss back.



He's adorable!!!

Debbie Williams

WOW!!! He's gorgeous!!!


Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to let him know all the nice things you've had to say about him. :)

lloyd johnson

cats are sooooo beautyful love them thank you GOD ,

Josy Infante

Kabuki is a bengal if you ask me. I have a bengal too.


sooooo adorable


i wish that was my cat



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